A photo of me.

👋 Yo! My name is Devin (he/him) and this is my digital garden. It's a curated space for everything I want to share.

I like to write about the things that interest me: development, music, reading, video games, politics, and the intersections thereof.

I have a few hobbies. I've been playing piano for about 4 years now. I love drawing, particularly figure drawing. I am trying hard to get better. I'm into video games, but find myself playing them less and less. What is time?

I'm into music. I listen to everything, and I mean it. My record collection is over 200 LPs at this point. I buy my music (weird, huh?). My favorite platform is Bandcamp.

I'm born and raised in Victoria, BC. I still live here. It's a truly beautiful place, if you can get past all the crotchety residents.

Right now I'm working at MetaLab as a web developer. I got started in web development years ago making goofy projects using PHP. These days I'm living that JavaScript life: React, Node, Next.js, all that.

All of my development-related projects are on GitHub.

I keep a Twitter page up, but I don't tweet much.

If you're curious about what I like to use, check out my uses page for all the neat stuff I use: gear, apps, and even things like which pens I love.


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