A list of my favourite software, tools, and everything else.

Inspired by a page of the same name by Wes Bos.

No affiliate links.



  • I use a Keychron K2 keyboard. I love being able to toggle between devices quickly.
  • My mouse is a Logitech MX Anywhere 2S. Can swap between devices easily.
  • My monitor is an ASUS PB278Q (27"). I've had it for almost 5 years now and it still kicks butt.
  • My desk is the IKEA LINNMON. I wouldn't recommend it unless you put supports underneath.


  • I use the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones. Unparallelled noise cancelling and long battery life. Just wish it could swap devices easier.
  • beets for library management. I don't want to have to think about organization.
  • Plex to serve the music. It does it and does it well.
  • Prism for music playing. This player integrates incredibly well with Plex.


  • Everything I have (music, photos, projects, etc) is backed up to my Synology DS216j (2TB).
  • Offsite backups from Synology are sent to Backblaze B2.
  • For most of my code, I keep it up on GitHub. One of these days I'll start keeping more it backed up locally.


  • My email host is Fastmail. I migrated from Gmail to ProtonMail, and then to Fastmail. I prefer to pay for my products whenever possible, otherwise I am the product.
  • I use Mimestream on the desktop and the stock Mail.app on iOS.


This is sort of a catch-all for any other categories.

  • 1Password for password management. Best around.
  • Gifox for screen recording. Their GIF compression is magic.
  • CARROT for the weather. Call me meatbag.
  • Dark Noise. I have a hard time falling asleep without some kind of white noise. Beats keeping a fan running all the time.
  • Safari for web browsing. Switched from Firefox for the tighter integration into macOS and iOS.
  • Woebot. It's nice to talk to someone who will always listen, and offer help — on demand.

Real stuff

I don't know where else to put these. Things I enjoy using to help organize my life, or maybe just have some fun.

  • LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks. I will never figure out how to pronounce their name, but they make the best notebooks bar none. I love writing in these things, genuinely. Dot grid forever. I prefer hardcover. One of these days I will write a novel about these notebooks.
  • LAMY Safari fountain pens. I know you're already grimacing from the price tag, but trust me. These write like a dream. If you're a habitual note-taker, invest in one of these. And then prepare to invest in 5 more. My favorite ink is the Iroshizuku line by PILOT. I use the kon-peki color.