What is a comic? A nebulous term. This encompasses all manner of graphic novels, from Marvel to manga.

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  • The Monster Sisters
    Gareth Gaudin • 2021 • *****
  • Monstress: The Blood
    Majorie Lui, Sana Takeda • 2017 • *****

    I love the cast of the story. We are introduced to some new characters with a heavy nautical theme. Old Tooth the shark-person looks straight out of the 90s (remember Street Sharks?). The artwork continues to be the main selling point for me.

    Where things falter though has to be the writing (again). There are less mysteries to track and more emphasis on character development, but I’m finding it so dense that it’s hard to follow. It practically requires a wiki open while reading. There is so much to pack into a graphic novel with limited pages. I think the series would do better as a novel if I’m completely honest.

    I can’t get into the story, but Sana Takeda’s art is so phenomenal I want to keep going.

  • Monstress: Awakening
    Majorie Liu, Sana Takeda • 2017 • *****

    The first 75% of the volume is quite confusing. It’s like reading the second or third volume in a series without reading the first. I get starting with a mystery as a hook, but when every second word is something new, I get confused!

    I’m not convinced that comics are the best form of world building, at least through expository dialogue. When several entire pages that are at least half-filled with text, I think there’s a problem.

    The artwork is praised often elsewhere and I must agree - every page (even panel) could stand on its own. Absolutely stunning. The world building on the visual level absolutely nails it. If atmosphere is set within the first few pages and I’m here for it.