Coming back to vinyl

This is an update to my post from a few months ago about a cautionary tale into collecting vinyl. I stand by the post, but I wanted to mention that I’m back into the hobby. What happened?

I believe this all started because of my ruthless quest for minimalism. I don’t mean in the popular sense of owning no furniture like that photo of Steve Jobs, but speaking more in a sense of values. If something isn’t providing me any value, why should I continue to own it? That was the conclusion I arrived at when it came to evaluating my vinyl collection.

Steve Jobs sitting cross-legged in his living room with sparse furniture
Steve Jobs sitting cross-legged in his living room with sparse furniture

After talking with my partner, she said something along the lines of it being okay to collect things. It sounds silly, but that single bit of permission and validation told me that the collection does indeed bring my joy and value. It cemented the fact that the collection is now a part of who I am — it helps define my identity as an avid music listener. Once someone told me it’s okay, it completed changed my perception. Perhaps all I was looking for to begin with was permission to collect them?

Since rekindling my love of vinyl I’ve once again fallen in love with the hobby. I forgot what an experience it is to listen to a record. It’s even more enjoyable when you have someone there with you. Being able to enjoy a hobby together with someone completely changes my relationship with the collection. It feels like it’s something I can share with my partner and introduce them to new music. We get to hold a physical, tangible piece of music in our hands. We can admire the art. Heck, it even has a distinct smell that I love (don’t judge).

I’ve also thrust myself back into the music scene again. I’m following more artists and keeping an eye on when things are coming out. I’m excited to listen to new music again.