It's Been a While

An AI generated image using the prompt "a frog playing a game boy in watercolor".
An AI generated image using the prompt "a frog playing a game boy in watercolor".

What’s happened since my last post?

  • I got engaged!
  • We bought a condo!
  • I finished several projects at work! One of them even launched in the App Store and Play Store!
  • I found out I love home projects (I love DIY)!
  • I learned a lot about home electrical.
  • We painted a lot! Almost the whole place.
  • I got a Steam Deck and I love it!
  • I got into custom keyboards for a bit. I’m kinda off the hobby now. I’d still like to make one, but stop there.
  • I put together a BBQ all by myself!
  • I dyed my hair for the first time.
  • I learned how to solder.
  • We took a trip to Calgary.
  • I got to be a beekeeper for about 15 minutes!
  • I cut and re-soldered Hue light strips. That was time-consuming but worth it! They are flexible now.
  • I got my Playdate (finally)!
  • I got into modding GameBoys.
  • I burned out (oops)
  • I learned how to install a faucet and drain.


I proposed to my girlfriend after we got the keys to our new place. I tried my best to recreate this moment from our favourite show Parks and Recreation.

Home Projects

I love home projects. The place we bought needs refreshing. I took it upon myself to update all the light fixtures and light switches by myself (just kidding I had help), and I managed to it without us being electrocuted! I did manage to arc electricity once but that's no big deal, right?

I had a minor panic attack after that, but I'm alive and still have a healthy respect for electricity!

I've since:

  • Built a shelf from scratch
  • Replaced a bathroom faucet
  • Fixed a leaky drain trap
  • Installed curtains and rods
  • Painted nearly every room

I'm certain I'm forgetting something.

Steam Deck

I was one of the lucky few who managed to preorder right when they opened ordering. I received mine back in March and have been loving it. It's like a capable PC in the palm of your hands. I use it all the time when I'm on the couch.

I can't wait to see where things go from here. I'm eagerly awaiting the dock. I want to use it as a daily driver PC. Here's hoping they release more security features though.

Soldering and Game Boy modding

I've always wanted to try adding a touch of modern hardware to a Game Boy. I have a lot of nostalgia for the whole handheld line -- I think I played them non-stop until the DS game around.

Game Boy mods took off during the pandemic. There were plenty of options to choose from -- new screens, power boards, sound amps, new shells -- there's likely a mod for everyone.

I am fond of the original Game Boy Advance, the one that doesn't fold shut. I remember many hours playing away underneath the lamps in our living room, because it didn't have a backlight of any sort. They didn't add that until the Game Boy Advance SP.

I got soldering practice in by chopping up my Hue light strips and a DIY audio kit from a shop in town. The Hue lights don’t bend (I accidentally broke mine trying to), but with wires in between each strip, I can mount them to the back of my monitor.

I went with Funnyplaying’s IPS screen, a dehum/dehiss kit, a new shell/buttons, and a glass screen.

The installation process for a new screen couldn't be easier, even for a newbie like me. There are a few solder points and running wire. Getting the dehum/dehiss kit aligned properly was tricky. I’m not sure I detect any difference using it either. The rest was re-assembly. Behold!

A modified Game Boy Advance with a clear shell, teal buttons/trim, and an IPS screen.
A modified Game Boy Advance with a clear shell, teal buttons/trim, and an IPS screen.

I decided to try my hand at modding an original Game Boy which was a lot of fun, but 30 year old parts make it challenging. I’ll make a separate post someday about my trials and tribulations.


Did I do a number on myself for this one. We had a stressful client at work. They didn’t make our lives easy, but I don’t believe they were trying to be malicious. When I involve myself in any project, I tend to invest myself fully, even if it’s to my own detriment.

I neglected to take care of myself. I didn’t engage with my usual routines of exercise and creative outlets. I started a habit of wake up -> work -> sleep. Not good.

Both of those factors were the largest contributors to my burnout. Mid-project I crashed hard, and didn’t recover. I took a day off and powered through the remainder of the project (which was a lot less stressful by this point). I needed more time though. I took an extended break post-project. I’m fortunate that I have the ability to do this. I’m grateful to have a partner that will support me when I’m down like this.


I started therapy again right before my burnout (the timing in a way was fortuitous). I’m doing better now. Not recovered, but better.

I’ve been exercising more and drawing again. It feels great to engage with those hobbies again, especially regular exercise. I can feel my mood improve once I’ve finished a workout. I’m planning on participating in Inktober.

I’ll make sure my next post is not 6 7 months later.