My most-played music last month.
My most-played music last month.

I'd like to get back into the habit of writing these. I'll start one month late for some reason, though.

I've been following the Rogan/Young beef. It's been interesting seeing the fallout of Neil Young pulling his music from the service. Other artists have followed suit like Joni Mitchell. Brené Brown stopped uploading new podcasts temporarily.

As a result Spotify has updated their misinformation policy, but has yet to reveal how they plan to enforce it going forward. I'll be watching.


I'm working on Immune by Philipp Dettmer. It's an educational book and an asset in today's current climate. There is a lot of talk surrounding our immune system and COVID-19, and I wanted to improve my understanding of our human immune system.

They get into sufficient detail to pique my interest, but summarize everything into a condensed paragraph as a recap. It help me retain the dense amount information.

There are plenty of violent metaphors used to explain how the immune system works. It's apt -- the cellular level of the human body is an inherently violent place. Cells will kill each other ruthlessly and commit suicide. What's troubling me is how they've chosen to explain these metaphors. For example, a teacher shooting a student in the face because they failed their exam (which out of context sounds abhorrent, but is used to explain how the thymus works and how ruthless it is). In my opinion they could've chosen something more tasteful for a North American audience. I understand why they chose the school metaphor -- they referred to the thymus as "Murder University". But still...

Again, the immune system is a violent thing, and it's hard to explain without resorting to violent metaphors. I would've appreciated a less visceral choice of words, like "the teacher destroys the student". There has to be a way to keep things tasteful.


I started The Witcher 3 last month. I'm determined to get through it and find out what the fuss is about. It's got its hooks in me good. It suffers from classic open-world tropes like an overabundance of quests, too many locations to visit, weird janky physics, and plenty of other funky bugs.

The game is good. Great, even. I think you need to take some of it on the chin though. Sometimes textures won't load and you'll be talking to an invisible-armed dwarf. Sometimes a Level 20 Lesher will spawn in your starting area.

The world feels like your on-brand grimy fantasy world. I enjoy that every choice the game asks of you is never clear-cut. Someone is going to win out and someone will be hurt by your major choices. Even playing as a "good guy" means you'll have to step on some toes eventually.


Revisiting albums I missed last year, because I missed a lot.

I can't believe I haven't talked about the new Failure (Wild Type Droid). I do believe it's their best yet. The one-two punch of "Water With Hands" into "Headstand" is legendary.

I've missed so much of Ladyhawke's discography since her debut album in 2008, but her newest Time Flies is wonderful. My favourite track is "Think About You".