Wolfgang reading a book in an idyllic forest paradise
Wolfgang reading a book in an idyllic forest paradise

My pet project these last few weeks has been my CHIP-8 interpreter. I've been following tutorials around the internet to try and figure things out. I've learned a lot more than I expected and even rekindled a bit of interest in hardware. I took a course in university that used an ARM processor for learning assembly language.

I've also been working through the Just JavaScript course. This has been really interesting to me because I've found that my mental model up until then was inaccurate. It's going to take some effort to re-learn some things I've really ingrained into my thought process, but I'll do it.

I went through one of my closets that's full of hobby stuff to try and reorganize my "studio space" a little. I ended up having to dig out my old Warhammer collection. My old paints are long dried up and beyond saving, but the models are fine. I'd be lying if holding the miniatures in my hand didn't rekindle the spark. I want to paint again. So now I'm looking at picking up some Vallejo paints from a local hobby store. I'm going to try and steer clear of any GW stuff (except for the minis). Oh, and I did manage to tidy up my space too. It'll be all ready for a little painting station.

Music has had some heavy rotation this week with Bass Drum of Death's self-titled album. Been album-hopping with MASTER BOOT RECORD. Somehow I never took a deep dive with The White Stripes, so now that's happening. I even bought some CDs so I could rip them. I subscribe to Apple Music but has been increasingly un-interested with their offerings besides the cloud support. None of their For You material has really succeeded or resonated with me. Actually, the "Essentials" playlists are convenient jumping-on points for most artists. Music discovery is something I love but have a hard time engaging with. It's such a subjective thing and I find the algorithmic approach no good.

That's all for now. The world is burning. Stay safe everyone.