Stray Thoughts 2

This week's top last.fm artists.
This week's top last.fm artists.

Going strong on Diablo 2. I’ve reached the point where I have Hell Mephisto on farm now and I’m grinding for new gear. It’s a relaxing game to play with its rote paths. I like to get into the groove and kinda zone out. It’s meditative for me, in a sense.

My exciting purchase this week is a Hobonichi Techo Planner. These things are popular enough that it requires buying them months in advance. Mine is meant for the whole year, starting in 2022. I’ve always wanted to get one after hearing others rave about them. I love the Tomoe River paper. It’s thin but sturdy. It has an amazing feel to the touch. It smells nice. It checks all my boxes. I’m excited to start using it in the new year. For now I’ve been using the spare pages to try things out, and fill in any big events that I know I’ll need to remember.

We finally got around to watching the Star Trek “remake” movie. We both came out disappointed. If you changed the character’s names then it could’ve been “Space Movie 2009”. It didn’t feel like it was Star Trek at all. The movie took itself far too seriously. It was dense with action. Where’s the diplomacy? The camp? Why does it feel like they stuck in Leonard Nimoy for no other reason than the cameo? I was not surprised to learn that the movie was directed by J.J. Abrams. It felt a lot like The Force Awakens. It played up the nostalgia (remember this character), but didn’t have the substance required to pull it off. The individual actors did great jobs pulling off their respective roles though. I thought Zachary Quinto did a good job capturing the essence of Spock without it feeling like a copycat. The newest film “Star Trek Beyond” wasn’t directed by Abrahms — think I should watch it.

On the weekend we visited the local farm and corn maze. To beat a dead pun-horse to death, it was a-maize-ing. The farm was pretty rough around the edges. It looked from another decade. It had a certain appeal though, almost an eerie-ness to it. They run a nighttime version for adults. I think it would be quite spooky actually! The corn maze itself was a sufficient labyrinth.