Week 1

I'm trying a new format with my writing. When it comes time to write my monthly log, I usually have either too much or not enough to write about. I'm taking a page from a few other blogs I found that use "weaknotes", which are Twitter-like posts of short (possibly random) thoughts.

This was the first week back after my vacation. Coming back to work after a hefty vacation is always weird. It takes me a good 24-48 hours to really "get back into it". It didn't help that a heat wave took over as the week went on. I felt horribly unproductive and unfocused.

With all the Blizzard news flying around I was ready to quit Blizzard games for good (I even said so in my most recent post), but I've come to question the efficacy of boycotts when it comes to enacting change. Axios had a great article on the subject, and I've seen other gaming outlets with the same sentiment. I've decided to stave off a boycott. I'd rather follow the advice of the developers and support causes that help them directly.

The immune system is hardcore, yo. Every time I learn a little bit more I'm impressed that something so complex can exist on such a tiny scale. Our bodies do so much that we can't even notice. The macrophage bloodlost is strangely hilarious but terrifying.

We're nearly done watching Deep Space 9. The first few seasons were pretty rough, but they found their footing eventually. Once Worf made his big entrance I feel like the series really took off. I'm happy to see the Romulans again after not seeing them for so long. I feel like they have some intrigue to them, whereas the Cardassians are always dicks. Then again, it's always fun to hate on Dukat. Vic Fontaine has to be the best thing the series added. The episode that was basically the plot of Ocean's 11 was so fun!

Have a great week gang.